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Gruesome Stuff Relish

Gruesome stuff relish - cd "Last men in gore" - Motosierra records - PSM records
Zombie creeping flesh (savage flesh eaters)

"Last men in gore"

Broken gravestones
Stone knives
Teenage giallo grind
Crawling death
Last man alive
One more victim
Walk among the living
Don't feel shame
Green inferno
Swamp carnage
Throwin'up the sickness
Wild Borneo
(They are) The rot crew
Mondo freaky I (Jvn's revenge)
El Duce inn massacre
I can hear their squeak
It'll be the end
All they need is blood
Cannibalistic Bloodfeast
Mondo freaky
Soft dead skin
The Bite of the zombie
Naked and wide-eyed
Redneck apocalypse
Lunch time
Somewhere at an altar
King of psychos
I relish the gruesome stuff
Eaten alive
They are everywhere
Exhumed stuff
Let's kill somebody tonight
Meat is murder!
Zombie wizard
Savage flesh eaters
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